About BorderBound Communications, LLC

BORDERBOUND COMMUNICATIONS is in the business of providing a variety of valuable services to small and medium sized business enterprises.

BORDERBOUND COMMUNICATIONS provides internet services including web site hosting, domain name hosting, email services, internet connectivity, and data center services through in-house expertise and out-sourced business partner relationships.

BORDERBOUND COMMUNICATIONS also builds custom-configured hardware & software solutions for business. Solutions include systems to control and manage email, web-commerce servers, provide network protection with firewall systems, secure remote access to business networks with Virtual Private Network solutions, and business network protection & filtering systems to keep network intrusions & unwanted email out.

BORDERBOUND COMMUNICATIONS also provides print communications and direct mail solutions through relationships with in-house and outsourced graphic design and printing vendors.

BORDERBOUND COMMUNICATIONS provides creative services for print communications, public communications, as well as web site development & site optimization services and consulting in cooperation through relationships with in-house & outsourced graphic design, web design and development, programming, and freelance writers and vendors.


XimianŽ Desktop 2 is the complete enterprise Linux desktop.


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